A word from our happy Customers !

Anjali Mathur @ Sky View 10

Jus Fresh had wonderful customer service, and they were very willing to help me pick a beverage because I just couldn't choose from the beautiful variety of drinks! I eventually settled on the Avocado milkshake, and it is undeniably one of the best milkshakes I've ever had! The taste was heavenly, and unlike any other avocado milkshakes that I've tasted. Definitely going there again!

Ramesh Kumar @ Galleria Mall

Jus Fresh has a delicious variety of food and beverages! Their panini sandwiches were a true experience, and paired with a cold, delicious serving of a strawberry milkshake – Jus Fresh really captured my heart

Rahul Gupta @ RMZ Ecospace

As a health nut, I was really excited to try out Jus Fresh’s freshly squeezed juices. I ordered the papaya juice first, and it was such a delicious, refreshing drink, that I found myself ordering pineapple juice as well. Jus Fresh has an incredibly delicious menu, and it’s a must-try for anyone who’s looking around for a nutritious drink.

Sagarika Singh @ Galleria Mall

I visited Jus Fresh in Galleria Mall with my daughter, and needless to say, both of us were completely obsessed with their menu. My daughter loves milkshakes, and it was a joy to see her enjoying every sip of their Strawberry milkshake! I ordered a panini sandwich for myself, and it was quite wholesome and filling.

Jay Mehta @ Infinity Business Park

Jus Fresh has an amazing assortment of fresh juices and beverages, and with the first sip of their delicious Mango juice, I knew this will be my go-to place for fresh juice. Their mango juice was incredibly yummy, healthy and tasted 100% natural!


I ordered from Jus Fresh during the Covid-19 lockdown, and while I was unsure at first, their Oreo milkshake and their sandwiches definitely exceeded all expectations! I am definitely relying on Jus Fresh to keep my tastebuds company during the lockdown.

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