About Us

About Us

Desserts are an essential part of our meal from the ages as old as ancient civilizations. But is a large amount of sugar mixed with one or the other ingredient enough to be called dessert? Definitely No! Therefore, we at Dessert Works have a motive to get you the best and healthiest desserts possible. The desserts that are sweet to your tongue, kind to your health, and tempting to your eyes. With the highest quality materials and the purest ingredients, we bring to you nothing less than the best.

We understand that each one of us is unique, and so are our choices. Keeping that in mind we have conceptualized Dessert Works and brought together a variety of shakes, ice-creams, Faloodas, and more all under one roof. A roof under which we serve and strive to satisfy the craving of every taste bud which brings on that broad smile to our satisfied customer.

What makes us Unique?

We Dessert Works, are a brand that is into shakes and ice-creams. But that is not the limit. We aim to offer a wide range of variety which includes continental as well as traditional desserts. The range of faloodas, kulfis, and lassi is just an example. However, we don't rely on our wide range to make us unique. The reason that we stand out in the market. The reason that'll make you choose us among the thousands of others- it is our high quality. Each product is made with great love and care. The purity of ingredients and genuine practices is a part of our ethics. Your satisfaction remains at our utmost priority. And your appreciation is of great value to us. Visit us once and we are sure that your expectations will be duly met.

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